4th April 2011 17:45
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13th March 2011 18:30
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Wah, wah I want a bottle, i’m a child…

13th March 2011 18:27
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You’ve probably been wondering where Noodles is…

Is he having a treat?

At the dog park?

Still alive i’m sure!

Snl Cast 2009-11

15th February 2011 16:11
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Abby with Nasim at the Fall 2011 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

6th February 2011 20:46
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Y’know i’ve had to deal with some of the worst stuff ever, like look what I had to tell this Bosnian woman! Look your village is gone, it’s been pillaged, they took everything and they burned it down and it’s really sad for you y’know? But y’know we have to look at it from both sides of the equation here. Y’know that’s what it is and you have to learn from it and I apologise, I do! 

20th December 2010 12:56
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Hey everybody!

I’m Kim and in the spirit of the holiday, i’m dressed as sexy Santa,

I’m Kourtney and i’m also dressed as sexy Santa,

and I’m Khloe and i’m dressed as Santa.

Ho, ho, hiiiiiii….