24th August 2013 3:51
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13th March 2011 18:30
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Wah, wah I want a bottle, i’m a child…

Snl Cast 2009-11

21st November 2010 15:01
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27th September 2010 11:47
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27th September 2010 9:44
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Mr Brush: What’s your deal?

Sheila: I’ve noticed ever since I’ve gotten pregnant I’ve had a lot of flatulence.

Mr Brush: What’s that? You wanna flashdance?

Sheila: No, flatulence… gas.

Mr Brush: Sorry, what’s going on with the sound? Turn her mic up all the way so I can hear her.

Sheila:  I have gas.

Mr Brush: I don’t like hearing that at all. I wanna say this to everyone here, you guys learn your manners and be polite.

Announcer: Mr Brush she has a serious problem!

Mr Brush: You know who else has a serious problem? The people sitting behind her, right ladies?

Sheila: You’re not helping me!

Mr Brush: Well, I don’t know what you want me to tell you! You know, why don’t you just rope off an area of your house and stay there?

9th May 2010 0:50
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Please let Abby be in something other than this!