30th November 2012 6:56
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And this, ladies, is how you get married.

11th July 2012 15:53
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Elliot In The Morning: Abby Elliott 

1st February 2012 18:33
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The Girls of SNL on Watch What Happens LiveAbby, Vanessa and Nasim do what they best do: impersonating The Kardashians! :)

9th December 2011 15:45
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22nd December 2010 21:00
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Emma: The only really funny, out-there thing that happened was probably that I gave them all goldfish. 

Jay: You gave them goldfish? 

Emma: Yeah, like little goldfish as a thank you and then there was a living goldfish and right at the end you know when you clap? We’re standing up on the stage and Abby Elliott, who is amazing, whispers in my ear “Hey, good job, my goldfish died.” I was like oh, I’d given it to them right before the show and I’m pretty sure that most of their goldfish were dead by the end of the show. I was like “Sorry for burdening you with these dead fish, thanks for having me!”

Emma Stone mentioning Abby on an interview with Jay Leno

9th November 2010 21:17
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