10th June 2013 16:39
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Snl Cast 2009-11

19th May 2010 17:02
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Why would you want to hang out with your dad?

Alright, let’s go there:

  • He knows his way around a wood shop
  • He calls me out on my BS
  • He recommends great restaurants

I mean look at him, the guys epic.

You know the book 1776? He’s read it.

Anyway, don’t be shy, swing by and razz him about his man apron, he’ll love that!

3rd May 2010 7:28
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Young Girl: What about me? I’m a young girl?

Tandy: This one is for you

Alarm Clock: Buzz, buzz, stop dreaming about horses, this is real life girl!

Young Girl: Fine.

Go Gabby, go Gabby!

27th April 2010 13:49
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I loved this monologue…

19th April 2010 18:24
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shake weight!

18th April 2010 19:39
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I loved this!

13th April 2010 13:58
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Oh look! Kelly and Melissa are here, why don’t you go say hi? 

Ok mom, miss me!


What’s up guys? I was just hanging out with my mom, she’s so dry, she kills me.

Why would you hang out with your mom?

Well… How much time do you have?

She’s a laugher, her advice is consistent, she’s not always on, I mean look at her! She’s a rockstar.