7th January 2012 13:39
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Snl Cast 2009-11

13th February 2010 18:33
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Abby as Meryl Streep

10th February 2010 12:47
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Decoy baby!!

26th January 2010 13:35
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Seth: So how do you keep choosing such great scripts?

Meryl: Oh, at this point I just have 3 criteria Seth,

can my character wear a cashmere sweater wrap?

will I get to layer a few chunky necklaces?

can I sport a pair of designer bifocals?

I just like to have fun, I’m not worthy of anything, really I’m not!

26th January 2010 13:28
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Meryl Streep

Winner of the Oscar for:

Best Hummus and also Best Update

24th January 2010 16:43
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I know that this was originally tweeted by Seth but the fact that she retweeted it makes it a valid post :D

24th January 2010 12:19
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Anyone want to buy me a ticket and a flight from Ireland?



Bad quality but still hilarious!

Angelina Jolie Vs Madonna

21st January 2010 11:00
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Abby with Joseph Gordon Levitt, Bill Hader and Seth Meyers